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A FileSpec resource specifies a File Spec, which provides the details of files to upload or download from Artifactory.Using File Specs

Specifying a FileSpec in a step's inputResources downloads matching files and makes them available to that step.

Specifying a FileSpec in a step's outputResources signals a subsequent step that is dependent on that FileSpec to trigger. No file upload occurs.

Remote Repositories

FileSpecs will not currently download artifacts from remote repositories in Artifactory. To do so, you must use the API in a step. The recommended way to do this is to use curl command in the JFrog CLI in a step. For example:

jfrog rt curl "my-github-remote-repo/mikefarah/yq/releases/download/v4.24.4/yq_linux_amd64.tar.gz" -O

Additional resources for FileSpec integration include: