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Pipelines provides facilities to manage the execution of a Jenkins job from your pipeline, passing information into and receiving output from the job.

For organizations that have a significant legacy investment in Jenkins, it may not be practical or cost-effective to convert many existing CI/CD workflows to Pipelines. These facilities provide you with a way to interoperate between your existing Jenkins workflows and Pipelines.

For example:

  • A Jenkins build job may create a base Docker image and publish it to Artifactory, then send information from that job to the subsequent steps in your Pipeline to build variant Docker images for testing and release

  • A Pipelines pipeline may publish a build to Artifactory, then send the build info as a parameter to a Jenkins job to deliver it for staging

  • A Jenkins build job may push a Docker image to Artifactory, trigger Pipelines to build supplemental images, then Pipelines may trigger Jenkins to complete the build of variants

This facility presumes the use of Artifactory repositories to store and manage all builds and metadata.

Before You Start

This facility requires that Jenkins Artifactory Plugin be installed with your Jenkins installation.Configure Jenkins Artifactory Plug-in