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Click the search icon on the top-left corner to open the search bar. As you start entering text, the search bar shows the list of objects matching the search text and displays them in a dropdown list.


Once you select an item from the dropdown, the matching item in the diagram will be brought to the center and highlighted with a border. If the item appears in the diagram more than once, you can cycle through them using the arrow icons on the search bar or keyboard shortcuts (enter to iterate forward, shift + enter to iterate backward).

To close the search bar, either click the x icon on the search bar or use the keyboard shortcut esc when the search input is focus.

In addition, you can use the pipeline dropdown to search for pipelines using wildcards.

For example:

  • To search for a pipeline that starts with "ABC", enter ABC*

  • To search for a pipeline that ends with "ABC", enter *ABC

  • For any pipeline that contains "ABC", enter ABC


Wildcard searches are limited to 50 search results.