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By default, a reference to an extension step or resource type always uses the latest synced version (listed in Latest).

To use a specific version (for example, one that is known to be good), you may qualify the type declaration to use a specific version by following it with the optional syntaxVersion tag.

For example, to use version 1.0.0 of the example tutorial/HealthCheck step:

Extension step with version

  - name: Step_1
    type: tutorials/HealthCheck
    syntaxVersion: 1.0.0           # Use a specific version

Similarly, you can use the syntaxVersion tag to qualify the type of a resource for a specific version.

Extension resource with version

  - name: MyResource
    type: tutorials/test
    syntaxVersion: 0.2.0           # Use a specific version

Version numbers that do not exist or that have been retired will result in an error when the pipeline is run.