Add an Air-Gapped Static Node

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An air-gapped environment is a system that has no access to the outside Internet. To utilize these static nodes, a script is required (downloads it to your machine upon adding a static node), which has certain prerequisites that typically need to be downloaded from the internet. However, in the case of air-gapped build nodes, we are configuring repositories in Artifactory to facilitate the download of these dependencies.


Supported on Pipelines 1.52 and above versions only.

To add an air-gapped node to a static node pool:

  1. View the node pool you want to add a node to.

    The View Node Poolpage lists any nodes currently allocated to the pool.

  2. Click Add Node.



    Node Name

    An alphanumeric friendly name for the node.

    IP Address

    The IP address of the node.

    Add Swap Space

    Enable the use of swap space to increase the amount of virtual memory available to the node. Not available to Windows node pools.


    Click Manual for Select Node Initialization Type.

  3. Click Save Node & Generate Initialization Script.

    On Successful saving of the node, a node_init_*.sh file is downloaded.

  4. Open the downloaded node_init_*.sh file file and set the export AIRGAPPED_INSTALLATION=true. Default value is export AIRGAPPED_INSTALLATION=false.

  5. Copy the script to your build machine, make sure the file is executable, and run it.