Create the Helm Chart for Pipelines in Kubernetes

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To begin, we have created a very simple Helm chart, which we have stored in a GitRepo source repository:


apiVersion: v1
appVersion: "1.0"
description: A Helm chart for Kubernetes
name: simplehelm
version: 0.1.0

We use a companion values.yml file to specify the details, including information that identifies which Docker image to deploy.


replicaCount: 1
  repository: ${res_simplehelmDockerImage_imageName}
  tag: ${res_simplehelmDockerImage_imageTag}
  pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
  port: 80


The repository and tag fields that identify the Docker image name and tag are set to environment variables. These reference the imageName and imageTag properties of the Image resource for the Docker image.

When our pipeline runs, the HelmDeploy step will automatically replace these environment variable reference with their values from the Image resource, so that the correct Docker image is deployed through Helm.

For more information on creating Helm charts, see the Helm Chart Template Guide.