Step 6 (Recommended): Set up a Gateway VPC Endpoint for Amazon S3

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When performing a download request against your JFrog platform, your download may be served via a redirect to an AWS S3 bucket. Therefore, while your initial request to the JFrog platform will be routed via the PrivateLink you created in step 2 and will reach the JFrog VPC, the redirect to S3 will reach S3 via public Internet.

If your AWS VPC network policy allows egress traffic into S3 via public internet (e.g., via NAT gateway), then the download can be completed without taking any further steps. However, if your network does not allow egress traffic via the public internet, or if you would like to enjoy better performance and lower data transfer costs when working against S3, follow the instructions in the AWS documentation (when creating the gateway VPC endpoint, under Policy, select the default option "Full Access").