Guidelines and Known Limitations of Geolocation

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Be aware of the following limitations of geolocation.

  • Synchronicity of JPDs: This setup will not affect the synchronization between your JPDs. To facilitate seamless failover, both JPDs must be kept synchronized and up-to-date by you, achievable through your use of Federated Repositories and Access Federation within the limitations described in the documentation, such as - Federated repository does not support sync of JFrog Xray data and the solution is only for Artifactory data.Federated Repositories

    In active/active setups, some discrepancy between JPDs may occur due to federation lag. Therefore, we recommend that you use this for “read only” or on edge instances only.

  • Edge: For edge setups, syncing only occurs from the main instance to the edge, and not from edge to the main instance. For more information, see JFrog Distribution.JFrog Distribution

  • You may not define overlapping geographic locations. Geolocation maps IP addresses to locations. In the event of requests from unidentifiable locations the response will return an unresolved response.

    For a list of countries on each continent, refer here.

    In the event that a location has been blocked via geolocation restrictions it will also be blocked in the selection list.

  • Private Endpoint: You can use a geolocation routing policy for records in private hosted zones. Select the continent, country, or sub-division closest to the region of your resource.