April 2020

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Create Admin Access Tokens from within the UI

Administrators can now generate admin tokens for any of the services in the JFrog Platform directly from the UI.

Binary Management

Go Private GitHub Repositories Support

You can now create a remote Go repository and proxy Go modules and configure Artifactory and Go client to work with GitHub private repositories.

Conda v2 Format

Artifactory now supports the Conda v2 metadata format. You can now use Conda clients from version 4.7, and download/upload Conda v2 format packages from all repository types (local, remote and virtual).

Debian InRelease

Added support for Debian InRelease metadata files. Artifactory will now produce an InRelease metadata file in the repository when working with GPG signing.

Security & Compliance

Force Full Reindex of Existing Components Rest API

The new Force Reindex Rest API command allows you to easily re-index artifacts that were indexed in the past.

Added Dedicated Policy REST API V.2 Commands

Xray now supports REST API Policy commands for both V.1 and V.2 The V.2 commands support blocking Release Bundles and allows you now to notify Watch recipients and File deployers.