Add Redirect URLs to the JFrog Allow List

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To support these issues, JFrog Cloud enables you to add r edirect URLs to the Allow List.

  • To extend your custom CNAME to point at the CloudFront domain (CDN CNAME endpoint): Contact JFrog Support. You will need to provide JFrog with an SSL certificate and to request to apply the CNAME over the CDN URL as well.


    You will need to provide this information in PEM format, which must include the chain, certificate and key.

    While CloudFront supports both 1024-bit and 2048-bit RSA keys for the certificate, you should use 2048-bit keys, which use stronger encryption algorithms. For more information, see Amazon CloudFront public key requirements size.

  • To add your dedicated CloudFront CDN endpoint to your Allow List:

    1. Find your CloudFront CDN endpoint.

    2. Add that domain to the Allow List.