February 2022

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Announcing the Integration Microservice

Released the new Integration micro-service (as part of the JFrog platform), which is responsible for third-party authentication and event registration.

Binding Tokens

Introducing a new type of access token called a binding token, which allows trust to be bi-directional. Binding tokens provide a full self-service for Cloud Enterprise customers that can build customizable binding to the other JPDs on their own.

Federated Repositories Now Supported for Cloud Customers

With this release, using the new Binding Tokens, you can set up Federated Repositories in a JFrog Platform Cloud environment.

Elasticsearch Improvement

Empty indices in Elasticsearch are now automatically cleaned up when the Elasticsearch reaches the maximum number of allocated shards.

Security & Compliance

CVE Enrichment REST API Support

The JFrog Security CVE Research and Enrichment feature is now supported in additional REST APIs.