Create a New Geolocation Policy

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User Guide
  1. In MyJFrog, go to Settings | DNS routing | Geolocation.

    Read and accept the prerequisite and guidelines.

  2. Enter a routing URL, which is the URL of the load balancer.

  3. Define source regions for multiple JPDs.


    You can define a minimum of two and maximum of 10 JPDs in different regions.

    You may define multiple source regions for a JPD. Each source region is unique for a JPD. There can not be multiple JPDs that have the same or overlapping source regions.

    For example, if source region USA is defined to JPD A, you cannot define Virginia to JPD B as it is overlapping. But, you can define three states in USA to three different JPDs as long as you do not define USA as a source to any instance under the policy.

  4. Click Save to save the policy.