July 2022

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Added a Full Broadcast Function to the Access Federation UI

Added the option to trigger a full broadcast from a specific Access Federation source via the Access Federation UI.

CRAN Local Repository Improvements

Aligned the CRAN Local repository to follow the CRAN spec when populating the Archive folder by introducing the following enhancements:

  • Added the cran.archiveMover.enabled system property that will allow the storage of the archives in the correct hierarchy.

  • Added a new Move Archives CRAN REST API, which moves the existing archives to the correct location (if the system property is enabled).

Swift Registry Supported on Self-Hosted deployment

Swift Registry support has been expanded to support both cloud and self-hosted deployments.

Debian Repository includes Support for Debian Snapshots

From Artifactory 7.41.4, Debian repositories include support for Debian Snapshots and can be used in the following scenarios:

  • As backups, allowing you to easily fall back to previous versions in case of package corruption due to dependency changes.

  • For release purposes, whereby the tested Packages file can be immutably saved and served.

Users with Repository Management/Deploy Permission can View/Use the Trash Can Repository

With this release, two changes have been implemented to the Trash Can:

  • Users who have deploy or manage permissions to any repository will be able to view the Trash Can and to view files in that repository of origin.

  • Users who also have delete permissions to their repository will now also be able to restore themwithout requiring admin assistance (they will not be able to view or restore any other repositories).