Set up Cloud Log Streaming with Datadog

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User Guide

Perform the following steps to set up log streaming with Datadog.

  1. Fetch Datadog API key from the Organization Settings page in Datadog.

    For more information, refer to the Datadog documentation.

  2. Identify your Datadog URL based on the location as listed in the table in Datadog documentation.

  3. Form a key-value pair of any additional parameters that you need to add to the logs in the following format:


    For example, env:staging,version:5.1.

  4. Go to to access MyJFrog Portal. You can also go to the JFrog Platform UI and select Manage Subscription from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

  5. Select Settings from the left navigation menu.

  6. Select the JFrog Cloud Log Streaming tab.

  7. Turn on the Log Streaming toggle.

  8. Select Datadog.

  9. Enter the Datadog API key and Datadog URL.

  10. Enter the key-value pair that you formed in the Datadog Tags field.

  11. Click Save.