July 2020

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Users can be Assigned the Manage Resources Role

Admins can assign users that have the Manage Resources role to manage resources, including creating, editing, and deleting permissions on any resource type including Pipeline resources (Integration, Source, and Node Pools).

GraphQL Version Released in the JFrog Platform

JFrog's Metadata Service has now enabled the integration of the metadata server with a version of GraphQL public API.

Improved LDAP Pagination Support Usage

Added the Used Page Results parameter in the LDAP page to support LDAP Group pagination. This is supported for LDAP servers with more than 1000 groups which support groups pagination to allow admins to use paged LDAP results.

Persistent Expiry Threshold Token

Added the new persistent-expiry-threshold parameter allowing you to set the minimum value of expiry of a token in order for the token to be saved in the DB to the Access YAML Configuration file.

Improved Permissions Cache Invalidation

Minimized the scope of the invalidation action to only permissions associated with the specific service that needed the cache to be cleared. This allows shorter login times and better permission validation performance.

Binary Management

Indexing Improvements for Npm Packages

Implemented incremental indexing as part of the existing npm indexing mechanism resulting in reduced time to build the package index.