June 30, 2023

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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DevOps (Artifactory, Distribution)



Release Lifecycle Management

JFrog introduces the Release Lifecycle Management solution for managing release candidate versions throughout your SDLC, from the time the build is created until the version is distributed to users. Release Lifecycle Management is based on Release Bundles v2, a new version of Release Bundles that specifies the files and packages that comprise a release, along with their metadata. Release Bundles are signed and immutable, which guarantees their integrity as they are moved through the stages of your SDLC. For more information, see JFrog Release Lifecycle Management Solution.JFrog Release Lifecycle Management Solution

Support for CocoaPods CDN

Artifactory now supports CocoaPods CDN for remote repositories, a CocoaPods endpoint that greatly reduces the time required to create a new repository. For more information, see Using CocoaPods CDN.CocoaPods Repositories

New Get Token Default Expiry REST API

This new API endpoint allows you to get or put the default expiry value for the tokens in your account. For more information, see Get Token Default Expiry Value.Get Token Default Expiry Value

New Get All Repository Configurations REST API

The new Artifactory API allows you to get a list of all repository configurations. For more information, see Get All Repository Configurations.Get All Repository Configurations

Support for Distributing Release Bundles v2

JFrog Distribution 2.19.1 enables Enterprise+ users to distribute Release Bundles v2 to Distribution Edge nodes and other distribution targets. For more information, see Distribute Release Bundles (v2).Distribute Release Bundles (v2)

Docker Fat Manifest Image Support

Distribution 2.19.1 now supports fat manifests for distributing Docker images. A fat manifest is the Docker term for the file that pushes multi-architecture Docker images, meaning it references other manifests for platform-specific versions of an image.




Support for Git Submodules

A new tag called recurseSubmodules has been introduced to provide native support for Git submodules in GitRepo resource. When recurseSubmodules is set as true, submodules in the Git repository are cloned.