Step 3: Set up Your DNS in AWS

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The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all traffic originating from your own AWS VPC, going out to your JFrog JPD (residing in the same region) will be routed automatically via the PrivateLink, rather than via public Internet. Traffic going out to other JFrog domains, such as remote JPDs located in other regions, or to other JFrog services such as, will continue to be routed via the public Internet.


Once you set up an AWS PrivateLink via MyJFrog, JFrog automatically creates an additional domain name that reaches your instance, in the format This domain will be used by your PrivateLink setup. For example, if your standard public JFrog domain is, then the additional domain will be

How you choose to set up your DNS in AWS depends on your organization's architecture, in which there are two factors:

  • Which domain name?

    • Custom domain name

    • JFrog domain

  • Which type of connection?

    • Connecting directly from your AWS VPC to JFrog's VPC

    • Connecting from your on-premise data center via AWS to the JFrog VPC

To better understand these options, they have been broken down into the section below, with diagrams to illustrate how they work.