January 2021

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Security & Compliance

New REST API to Restore Ignored Violations

Introduced a new Restore Ignored Violations REST API, which allows you to restore violations that were ignored due to defined Ignore Rules.

Impact Path Data in Reports

You can now view the Impact Path data for Vulnerabilities and Violations reports in JSON and CSV outputs.

Time-based Ignore Rule Filter for REST API

Filter and sort the Ignore Rules by expiration date using the Get Ignore Rules, such as time-based rules that will expire before or after a specific date. You can also sort Ignore Rules by expiration date.

View Ignored Violations in the Violations Report

You can view ignored violations data in theViolations Report including the Ignore Rule ID that can be used in REST APIs.

Reports Enhancements

Xray Violations and Vulnerabilities reports now include additional information regarding the severity received from the Red Hat OS advisory board. This information will be included in the CSV and JSON export formats of the reports.