April 30, 2023

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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New Insights Charts for Step Execution and Slow Steps

Introducing two new Insights charts:

  • Step Execution: This visual representation shows the execution of steps in Gantt format for a selected run. Use the drop-down to select the run for which you would like to see the chart.

  • Slow Steps: This visual representation shows the top 5 or top 10 slowest steps on an average in the last 10 runs.

Custom HTTP Headers

The GitHub integration now enables you to add custom HTTP headers for clone events. This is useful when you want to filter out requests coming from the external events.

Active Boards

Introducing Active Boards. Pipelines now provides the ability to display pipeline of pipelines (aka connected pipelines) in fullscreen mode on your TVs and monitors. This is useful when you want to monitor the status of specific pipelines in realtime.