August 31, 2023

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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User Guide
DevOps (Artifactory, Distribution)



Added Support for Renaming Cargo Dependencies

It is now possible to rename the dependencies in the cargo.toml file when uploading crates to local repositories.

New Field Support for Custom Webhooks

Artifactory now populates the jpd_origin and subscription_key fields when creating a custom webhook with a custom payload.

Additional UI Options for Creating Release Bundles v2

Artifactory now enables you to create Release Bundles v2 directly from the Release Bundle window in the platform UI. When you click the Create Release Bundle button, you are given 2 options:

  • Create from Builds: Use this option to create the Release Bundle from one or more builds (including aggregated builds).

  • Create from Release Bundles: Use this option to create a new Release Bundle from one or more existing Release Bundles.

For more information, see Create Release Bundles (v2) .Create Release Bundles (v2)