January 2022

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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JFrog Projects Feature is Available to All JFrog Users

JFrog Projects is a management entity for hosting your resources and for associating users/groups as members with specific entitlements. Using projects helps Platform Admins to offload part of their day-to-day management effort and to generate a better separation between the customer products to improve customer visibility on efficiency, scale, cost, and security.

Pub Repository Support

Artifactory now natively supports Dart packages, giving you full control of your deployment and resolution process of Flutter, Angular Dart, and general Dart programs, which means that you can create secure and private local Pub Repositories with fine-grained access control.

High Availability in PostgreSQL Database

Artifactory introduces the ability to set up PostgreSQLdatabases in an high availability configuration to be used as the Artifactory database.

Priority Resolution Supported on Federated Repositories

Added support for setting Priority Resolution on Federated repositories.Setting Priority Resolution takes precedence over the resolution order when resolving Federated repositories and will cause metadata to be merged only from repositories set with this field. If a package is not found in those repositories, Artifactory will merge metadata from the repositories that have not been set with the Priority Resolution field.

Garbage Collection Improvements

To improve Garbage Collection performance, you can now disable size-based ordering of the GC query. As a result, artifacts will not necessarily be deleted from largest to smallest.

Introducing npm SHA512 Support

From npm version 500, all npm packages published to Artifactory will support both SHA512 and SHA1 while using the strongest algorithm available, which will result in improved performance, robustness, and enhanced fault-tolerance.

Security & Compliance

Generate Software Bills of Materials (SBOM) Report

Xray now can generate an Xray SBOM Report in both SPDX and CycloneDX standard formats. This will help DevSecOps teams to identify the software components in use, their dependencies, and associated license risks if any.

On-Demand Binary Scan Docker Support and New UI

The Xray On-Demand Binary Scan using the JFrog CLI now supports scanning Docker images. You can run an ad-hoc scan of a Docker image without uploading it to Artifactory first. You can also view the On-Demand Binary scans that run using the JFrog CLI as part of the Xray UI in the JFrog Platform.

Xray Data Retention

Improve Xray performance and data usage by selecting which artifacts are important to scan and how long to retain their Xray data.


Sensitive Data Masked

Sensitive content from Project integrations is now masked in the console logs.

Metrics Data

Pipelines now provides a new Metrics API, which can be used to get metrics data for Pipelines, such as CPU, memory, number of pipelines per project, and more.

Pipelines Utility Functions Export

Pipelines utility functions are now exported. This means they can be called from scripts that are invoked from the build script without having to use the 'source' command.