September 2020

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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GraphQL API for the JFrog Platform Metadata

JFrog's Metadata Service public APIs are now enabled allowing you to query the entities from the metadata server with GraphQL.

Viewing and Tracking Non-Revocable Access Tokens

You can view and track non-revocable Access Token in the UI, and filter by its revocability as well as its expiry.

Binary Management

Changes in Artifactory to Facilitate the New Docker Rate Limit

Artifactory has made improvements to support the usage of Remote Docker Repositories opposite Docker Hub, while taking into account the new Docker rate limits.

Docker Remote Repository Improvements

Docker Schema 2 is now fetched from the remote registryif no header was sent. This improves the Docker experience when the metadata expires.

Docker Pull Performance Improvements

Improved the performance of Docker pull requests by digest and tag by using more efficient queries and better utilizing the internal caching when serving Docker pull requests.

Security & Compliance

License Detection Improvements

Improved license detection performance and success rate to reduce CPU utilization.