December 2021

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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User Guide
Artifactory Edge Node Support

Insight now supports Artifactory Edge nodes and shows information from Artifactory Edge nodes in the dashboard and trends.

Support for Personal OAuth SSO

JFrog Cloud can now also join through an invite, and to then log in using Personal OAuth such as Google or GitHub.

New Integration for JFrog Artifactory with Amazon's Elastic Cloud Kubernetes (EKS) Anywhere

Amazon's Elastic Cloud Kubernetes (EKS) Anywhere is a new deployment option for Amazon EKS, which allows customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on customer-managed infrastructure, supported by AWS. The deployment of JFrog Artifactory on Elastic Cloud Kubernetes (EKS), EKS Anywhere uses Helm Charts to leverage the AWS License Manager.

JFrog Projects Feature is Available to All JFrog Users

The JFrog Projects feature is now supported on all JFrog Subscriptions. JFrog Projects is a management entity for hosting your resources (repositories, builds, Release Bundles, and Pipelines), and for associating users/groups as members with specific entitlements. Projects simplify the onboarding process for new users, create better visibility for LOBs and project stakeholders.

S3 with Storage Sharding Support

Artifactory introduces S3 Sharding template (s3-sharding) that utilizes a new sub-provider, state-aware-s3, so that you can use multiple S3 buckets with sharding as the Artifactory filestore.

Custom VM Image

Pipelines now supportscreating custom VM images. A custom VM image enables you to use your own image as a node in Pipelines, including all the customizations you made when you created the image.

Share Node Pools across Projects

Project admins can now share node pools across multiple projects to allow members in more than one project to use them. A node pool can be shared with a single project or across multiple projects.

Change Machine Type in Dynamic Nodes Pool

Pipelines now supports changing machine image type in dynamic node pools.

Pipelines in Search Toolbar

Added the ability to select Pipelines and to search for pipelines using the main search toolbar. The search can be filtered using Name, Branch, Triggered Before, and Triggered After.

New Canvas and Butterfly Graphs

The graph view in Pipelines has now been updated to use canvas and butterfly graphs to provide a much smoother and faster experience.