Step 1: Create the Endpoint in Azure

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Create a Private Endpoint (see the Azure instructions for additional details on creating an interface endpoint to an endpoint service).

  1. In the table below, locate the privatelink alias values for the region you are setting up. The privatelink is set up by JFrog in the supported Azure regions under the following service names:


    Alias Link Per Region

    US East Virginia

    US West (California)

    Canada Central

    EU West (Netherlands)

    AU East (New South Wales, Australia)

    Southeast Asia (Singapore)

  2. In your Azure account, go to Private Link -> Private Endpoints and select Create.

  3. Select a Resource Group (for example, jfrog-pl), and a Name and Region (for example, East US).

  4. From the table above, get the JFrog PrivateLink Service alias and paste it in the field, for example, the alias (for US East region) is:

  5. Select your Virtual Network (e.g., jfrog-pl-vnet-use) and Subnet settings (e.g., jfrog-pl-vnet-use/jfrog-pl-poc-subnet-use).

  6. Click the tab Review + create and then click Create.

  7. Go to Azure Private link center-> Private endpoints and search for your Private endpoint name (in this case azure-pl-poc-pe).

  8. Verify that the Connection status is “Pending” and the Request/Response value is “Awaiting Approval”.


You should be able to see that the Private Endpoint has already discovered the JFrog PrivateLink Service name (“pls-test”). Azure verifies the service name you entered.