Step 3: Create a Private Connection in MyJFrog for GCP

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  1. Log in to MyJFrog.

  2. Click the Security tab and select Private Connections.

    This opens the Manage Private Connections window. Any previously configured PrivateLinks will appear here.

  3. Click + Create New and then choose the provider you wish to use for the privatelink, GCP Private Service Connect.

  4. In the Endpoint ID field, enter the PSC connection ID you copied from Google Cloud console in step 1.

  5. In the Select Region dropdown, select the relevant region.

  6. The instances for this region will appear in the Select Instances field. Select the instance you want to connect to and click Create.

  7. In the Manage Private Connections table,you will now see the current status of the configured endpoints (this process may take few minutes). Once the PrivateLink has been set up, you will receive a confirmation email and the status in the Manage Private Connections table will change to Connected.


You can establish multiple Private Service Connect connections for a single instance under the same region.

To add additional endpoints to the instance, you will need to verify that all failed endpoints are fixed.