Create a New Custom Domain Name in MyJFrog

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To create a new custom domain name:

  1. In the Settings page, go to the Custom Domain Name tab, and click + Create New.

  2. Enter your SSL certificate details: your certificate name, body, private key, and certificate chain, if applicable. When you are done, click Next.

  3. Define domain.

    Select a JPD from the drop-down menu and define the domain name you wish to associate to it (correlated to the domains defined under the SSL certificate). Click + Define Domain to add multiple domains.

    If you have docker subdomains, you will be requested to select for each domain whether it is a platform base URL or subdomain. 

    If necessary, select Docker Subdomain with Repo Override Name to define an explicit repository name (not derived from the configured domain name). Note that we do not recommend this as it is not a best practice.


    To use Docker subdomains, make sure that your certificate contains a subdomain for the domain you are defining. For example: should contain either a specific subdomain per repository name (, or a wildcard to cover all Docker repositories (* Note that Docker Subdomain with Repo Override Name does not support wildcard domain selection; Please define a domain name.


    * - API to the any docker repository. The name of the repository is substituted by *. - API to the docker repository called docker.

    Docker Override Name - Docker override name with a value of docker-local.

    API to the docker repository called docker-local with an override domain


    For each domain, you can only assign one JPD per provider’s region.

    When you are satisfied with your selection, click Done.

  4. Once the record appears on the dashboard as Active, access your DNS provider platform’s settings and add the CNAME records to your domain as follows: