Set up Cloud Log Streaming with Splunk

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User Guide

Perform the following steps to set up log streaming with Splunk.

  1. In Splunk, generate the Splunk HEC token in Settings > Data Inputs > HTTP Event Collector > Tokens.

    For more information, see Splunk Documentation.

  2. Fetch the Splunk URL in the following format.

  3. Go to to access MyJFrog Portal. You can also go to the JFrog Platform UI and select Manage Subscription from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

  4. Select Settings from the left navigation menu.

  5. Select the JFrog Cloud Log Streaming tab.

  6. Turn on the Log Streaming toggle.

  7. Select Splunk.

  8. Enter the Splunk HEC Token and the Splunk URL.

  9. Click Save.