September 2021

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Security & Compliance

JFrog Security CVE Research and Enrichment

Xray's integration with Vdoo introduces JFrog Security CVE Research and Enrichment, a new capability that provides additional CVE details by the JFrog security research team, which comprises security experts that perform manual research on CVEs and suggest a new JFrog Severity Score and a deep technical overview that allows you to better understand the actual risk posed by the CVEs.

Xray Integration with Jira

Xray now can be integrated with Atlassian’s Jira Software, enabling the automatic creation of Jira tickets based on Xray identified security threats and violations.


Initial release of Insight 1.0.1

Insight 1.0.1 includes all the trends and charts previously available with JFrogMission Control.

New Dashboard Trends

Added a new trend, theRemote Repository Requests Metrics, which provides information on the status of remote repository requests, the performance of remote repository requests, and the Top 100 API calls.

Mission Control as a Microservice

From JFrog Artifactory version 7.27.3, Mission Control has been integrated directly into Artifactory as a service. You will no longer need to install Mission Control to use the features it provides, only to enable the service in Artifactory.