September 2022

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Access Token Scope Added to the WebUI

The scope of a user's access token (also known as a scoped token), has now been added to the JFrog Platform WebUI (in addition to the existing API endpoint) as a new column in the Security page.

User/Group WebUI Enhancements

Enhanced the User/Group WebUI with the following updates:

  • Enable sorting users in tables by additional columns

  • Enable partial search by name/email in tables

  • Improved the loading time of Users in the Groups page

  • Improved the loading time of Users/Groups in Permission Targets

Webhooks WebUI Now Supports Using the Secret for Signing the Payload

When creating Webhooks and defining a secret authentication token, the administrator can determine the way in which the Webhook's secret token should be used:

  • As the X-JFrog-Event-Auth HTTP header, so that the token can be used by the service that receives the event to authenticate the event emitter.

  • To sign the events payload- in which case the secret token must not be passed as a header.

To support both options, the backend was updated to also send an HTTP header containing the payload hash value calculated based on the secret token (this hash value should be computed based on SHA1 or SHA256). With this release, the JFrog Platform now supports setting the secret for payload signing through the WebUI.

AQL Search Speed Improvements

Improved AQL internal search mechanism to support running faster queries, from several days to seconds.

Helm Indexing Improvements

Improved the speed when indexing Helm Charts in Helm repositories.

Native Browser Scrolling Enhancement

Added an option to scroll through your artifacts and view all package contents in the Native browser.

Cargo Indexing Enhancement

Added support for alternative indexing in Cargo repositories based on the sparse index specifications, instead of jgit server.

Newly-Designed Received Bundles Table

The Received Bundles table in the JFrog Platform has been updated to support easier search and filtering for Release Bundles. These updates include:

  • Improved search that enables you to find any Release Bundle by name or by using a wildcard together with other Release Bundle details

  • All Release Bundles are pulled using the REST API, ensuring that you can search for any Release Bundle regardless of when it was released

  • Release Bundles can now be sorted according to name, latest version or creation date

Improved Distribution and XRay integration

The improved integration allows Distribution to retry triggering XRay scans for Release Bundles in cases where XRay is not available (previously this required manually triggering via API).

Allow Including/Excluding Patterns for Syncing User Entities with Access Federation

Added the option to define include or exclude patterns for users.


This feature is experimental. We recommend reaching out to JFrog Support for assistance with configuring this, as it may affect other Federation setups.