November 2020

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Hardened the User Login Messages

User Login messages have been modified to provide consistent responses on enumeration attempts to prevent the disclosure of valid accounts.

Binary Management

Helm V3 Support

Artifactory now supports Helm 3 clients, enabling you to deploy and resolve Helm Charts using Helm V2 and V3 clients.

OCI Support

Artifactory is now OCI-compliant and supports OCI clients, providing you with the ability to deploy and resolve OCI images in Docker Registries (the OCI client Singularity is not supported).

Improvements to RubyGems Indexing for Local Repositories

Added Bundler Compact index support for Local repositories for RubyGems providing you with the latest version of the package that is compatible with your installed Ruby version of the project. To use this new capability, in the file, set the artifactory.gems.compact.index.enabled=true value.

Docker Registry Alignments in Artifactory to Meet Latest Docker Rate Limits.

Docker Registry functionality is now optimized in JFrog Artifactory to accommodate the latest Rate Limit changes announced by Docker.

Security & Compliance

Improved Indexer Functionality

Enhanced the indexer functionality with improved classification of artifacts and identification of complex cases, such as identifying inner components within other components.

Build Scanning Improvement

Improved the build scanning process by having Xray only download artifacts from Artifactory that are part of the build in which Xray can scan them to save resources and time.

Violations Report

Introduced the new Violations report, which provides you with information on security and license violations for each component in the selected scope.

Ignore Rules

Enhanced the Ignore Rules feature functionalities, including the ability to set granularity on a defined Ignore Rule. All of the Ignore Rule functionalities are supported via the REST API