Add New JPDs to Cloud Topology

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User Guide
  1. At the top of your Topology page, you will see a notification with the number of available JPDs that you can add to your topology. Click Configure Now to open the Configure JPDs dialog and start adding them.



    All available JPDs are selected automatically to be added to your topology. You can remove the JPDs you do not wish to add by clearing their checkboxes.

  2. This window is divided into available Platform JPDs and Distribution Edge JPDs ,depending on the type and number of your JPDs.For each JPD you wish to add, enter the following information. Note that all fields are mandatory.

    • JPD Name

    • Provider

    • Region

    • Password

    • Validate Password

  3. After you enter all required information, the dialog will display an All Set indicator. When you are done adding JPDs, click Update.

  4. You will receive a popup notification that the JPDs are being added. Click Got it! to close the notification. The Topology tab now shows an indicator at the top that the JPDs are being added and the environment is being updated. This process may take a few minutes. When the process completes, the new JPDs will appear in your Topology tab as Active. Any JPDs you did not add will appear as ready to be configured at the top of the tab.

If you have Access Federation as part of your system, you may choose to add the JPDs you just added to the Topology to Access Federation as well. For more information, see Access Federation.