November 2021

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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New Hybrid Solution Provided through the Distribution Edge

The JFrog Distribution Edges Add-on is a commercial offering for self-hosted customers to leverage JFrog SaaS for software distribution, by enabling self-hosted customers to add cloud-based Edge nodes managed by JFrog (software-as-a-service) and to fully utilize them for content distribution.

New Pairing Token UI

A new pairing token has been added to the JFrog Platform, which establishes trust between different JFrog microservices. The pairing token is an access token that is used for the initial pairing flow. Because the token is a limited access token, it is dedicated to a specific task and short-lived.

External ID Added to Support Azure Active Users

To support Azure Active Directory users, the field External ID field was added to the group definition and can be set via the group creation UI.

New PyPi Public Remote Registry Supported

For PyPi users, Artifactory now supports the public remote registry.

Security & Compliance

Jira Integration Dynamic Labels and Custom Fields

You can now use Xray-specific entities as dynamic labels and custom fields in your Jira issues.