June 2020

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Multi-factor Authentication

JFrog Subscriptions ENTERPRISE+

Administrators can enable Multi-factor Authentication for all users, which will require users to provide a verification code from a third-party authentication application every time users log in.

Event-driven Webhooks

The Webhooks feature enables you to send important events in Artifactory, (such as Artifact Deployment or Build Deployment) to applications that are configured by setting a URL.

Binary Management

Alpine Linux Repository Support

Artifactory now natively supports Alpine Linux repositories, giving you full control of your deployment and resolution process of Alpine Linux (*.apk) packages.

Enhancements for Webhooks Events

Introduced a few fixes to Webhooks events, such as adding a build_started field to the Build events, additional fixes to Docker events, and improved payload data.

Security & Compliance

Artifactory Connection Management

Improved the process of Xray's active connections to Artifactory, by limiting the number of concurrent HTTP client connections.

Repository Scan Improvement

Indexing requests of Artifacts that were initiated from an index repository request are no longer persisted in the Artifactory database, thus reducing the network and database load.