December 2023

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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DevOps (Artifactory, Distribution)



Support for OCI Registry

You can now use OCI registry version 1.0.2 natively in Artifactory as its own package type, so you can manage and save your OCI containers in Artifactory while providing full flexibility and usability.

Artifactory supports the relevant calls of the OCI Distribution specification API so that you can transparently use the OCI client to access images through Artifactory.

For more information, see OCI Registry.OCI Registry

Support for Helm OCI Repositories

You can now use OCI to package Helm charts, making it easier to scale, distribute, and leverage the power of OCI to deliver charts.

For more information, see Helm OCI Repositories.Helm OCI Repositories

Support for Uploading Larger Hugging Face Models

Removed the 2GB model size limit for uploading Hugging Face models to JFrog.

Docker Tag Retention Logic Improvements

Improved the process of deleting multi-architecture tags so that when a multi-architecture image exceeds its Docker tag retention limit, not only will the primary manifest be deleted, but its associated sub-manifests (or sub-images/architectures) and their related blobs will also be removed. For more information, see Tag Retention Logic.Tag Retention Logic

Federated Repository Property Changes

The Artifactory System Property artifactory.federated.repo.max.threads.percent has been changed to . Any users who employ the previous property must change to the new one as part of this upgrade. In addition, the default value of this property has been changed to 12 threads. This was done to align the default thread values on the source and target instances of the queue mechanism to avoid potential bottlenecks.