June 2022

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Support for a New User Scoped Token for Distribution to the Source Artifactory (Breaking Change)

With this release, user permissions will be enforced when distributing to the source JPD. This means that only users with read and deploy permissions on the target repositories can distribute release bundles to the source Artifactory, and only users with delete permissions for the target repository can delete these bundles.

API Update

The API to progagate the GPG key pair to a newly added Distribution Edge has been updated.

Swift Registry Support

Artifactory now natively supports a dedicated Swift Registry, most widely used as the go-to language for iOS and all the other Apple OS-app development, which gives you full control of your deployment and resolution process of your Swift packages and their dependencies. With the introduction of Swift support by Artifactory, you can create secure and private local Swift repositories, remote Swift repositories to proxy remote Swift dependencies and cache downloaded Swift packages.

Storage Summary Improvements

The default threshold for updating the Storage Summary page update has been modified to minimize the load.

Security & Compliance

REST API Enhancements

  • Implemented a new V2 of the Get Issue Events REST API with the ability to get vulnerability details

  • Added Operational Risk data to the Release Bundle Details REST API.


Introducing the New Pipeline and Run Views

The Pipeline and Run views have a fresh, new look. These views have been completely revamped to provide you with an easier, simpler, and more intuitive user experience. In addition, you have the option of switching between the old and new views whenever required:

Support for AWS USW1 Region

Pipelines now supports AWS build nodes in the us-west-1 region.

Trigger Pipeline Endpoint Enhancements

Added support for using resource versions from a previous run. In addition, resource versions can now be overridden in a pipeline re-run.

Bash and PowerShell Scripts Enhancements

Implemented enhancements to the steps on Bash and PowerShell to execute their onFailure and onComplete sections when a step is canceled or times out.

Improved Extension Source Sync Logs

Improved extension source sync logs to show more errors when there are multiple errors in the extensions to be synchronized.

Specify Image Version in a Step as a String

The runtime section of the Pipelines YAML has been enhanced to allow for specifying a single "version" instead of an array of "versions" when selecting a pre-existing language image.