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User Guide

Quickly access pages that will help you start using the JFrog Platform.

Installation and Configuration

Platform Administration

Using the Platform

Install JFrog products and configure your JFrog Platform

System ArchitectureSystem Architecture

System RequirementsSystem Requirements

High AvailabilityHigh Availability

System ConfigurationSystem Configuration



Configure and maintain your JFrog Platform

Create local, remote, and virtual repositoriesRepository Management

Create users, groups, and permissionsIdentity and Access

Set the Platform securityAuthentication Providers

Manage your JFrog licensesManage Licenses

Configure Platform general settingsGeneral System Settings


Create, scan and distribute packages, builds and artifacts

Manage packagesPackage Management

Browse artifactsBrowsing Artifacts

Manage build integrationsBuild Integration

Distribute Release BundlesDistribute Release Bundles (v1)

Browse Loaded PipelinesBrowsing Pipelines

Scan for security and license violationsSoftware Composition Analysis