May 2022

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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Security & Compliance

New On-Demand Scan REST API

Introduced a new REST API that will enable you to delete on-demand scanning results using the JFrog CLI.

Operational Risk Reports

You can now generate Operational Risk reports as one of the Xray report types. In addition, you can also view Operational Risk violations in the Violations report type.


TriggerPipeline Native Step (Beta Version)

The TriggerPipeline native step will trigger another step and wait for the resulting run to complete before continuing. This enables you to embed another pipeline inside your existing pipeline. A new integration called JFrog Platform Access Token Integration has been introduced to support this feature.

System-level Control Setting for Non-root Users

Pipelines admins can now use a system-level setting to enforce use of only those node pools that are configured with non-root. When the enforceNonRootNodes global setting is set as true, it takes precedence over the non-root user setting configured in the UI (currently supported only in Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20).

Trigger Pipelines API

Introduced a new API to trigger a pipeline that enables you to:

  • Trigger all the steps in the pipeline with default environment variables and the latest resources.

  • Trigger specified steps in the pipeline with custom environment variables and resource versions.