Manual Failover Setup and Monitoring

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When two JPDs are configured in an Active-Passive Failover configuration, a load balancer is used to monitor traffic and switch manually from the primary JPD to the secondary JPD in the event the primary JPD is not available. The routing URL defines the URL of the load balancer.

This is a manual failover between two JFrog Cloud instances (primary and secondary) in two different regions, under one routing URL.

  • In the event of the primary JPD being down for over 10 minutes, a notification will be sent, via email, to the user and traffic can be routed manually, via MyJFrog UI, from the primary to secondary JPD.

  • It is possible to failover to the secondary JPD for testing purposes, via the MyJFrog UI, even when the primary JPD is healthy. In this case all traffic will be switched and routed to the secondary JPD.

Both platform and edges are supported. Deployment identity under a single routing URL must be identical (edge to edge and platform to platform).

For edge set ups, syncing only occurs from main instance to the edge through distribution, and not edge to main instance.