Monitor an Existing Manual Failover Policy

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Once a new policy is added you can see in the table view the routing status changing from Processing to OK, which means the defined routing URL is set and routing traffic to the defined active JPD.


The JPD status provides real time status checking the readiness of Artifactory.

Although the UI shows the real time status, the monitoring over the JPD sends an email notification after 10 minutes of the primary JPD being down or after 10 minutes of it being up again.

In the event of the primary JPD being down the JPD status will change to Failed and the routing status will change to error.

The secondary JPD, being up and ready will be in the passive status - and the Switch button is available to click and approve the rerouting of the traffic to the secondary JPD.


In the event that traffic is routed to the primary JPD and the secondary JPD fails for some reason, the routing status will remain OK as traffic is routed to the primary JPD and served. The Secondary JPD status will be Failed and the Switch button will be disabled.