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The MyJFrog Portal allows you to manage your Support Contacts. This feature is supported for all JFrog subscriptions entitled to technical support.

Adding a new Support Contact does not automatically create a MyJFrog user account. If you want the Support Contact to have a MyJFrog user account, you need to create it separately. For more information, see Manage Users.

The number of support contacts that you can create depends on your JFrog subscription type.


As a default setting, when you register as a Support Contact, you won't automatically have the MyJFrog Admin role. If needed, you can be added as an Admin to gain the necessary permissions.

The MyJFrog users who can manage Support Contacts differ based on your JFrog instance.

JFrog Cloud

The following users can manage support contacts.

  • Primary Admin

  • Admin

JFrog Self-Hosted

Only the Primary Admin of the MyJFrog Portal can manage support contacts for self-hosted installations. Self-hosted installations cannot have other admins. The MyJFrog Primary Admin is the subscription’s license owner.

The following sections provide more information.