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When you log in to MyJFrog, you are in the MyJFrog portal dashboard that provides you with an overall view of your JFrog Cloud platform. The default display mode is dark mode, which you can switch by clicking the dark mode/ light mode switch.

Click View Full Breakdown to view comprehensive information about your usage.

The dashboard provides the following information.

  • Month-to-date Consumption

    Month-to-date consumption includes both data transfer and data storage. It also shows how much you have consumed with respect to your package.

  • Last 6 Months Trend

    Last 6 months trend shows how your usage has been tracking over the past six months. It also shows the data transfer and data storage separately for a better perspective on the consumption.

  • End-of-Month Forecast

    End-of-Month forecast is an assumption based estimate computed based on your current and past usage. It also displays consumption limit in your package for reference.


    The End-of-Month forecast should not be relied upon as accurate, nor is it intended to provide any final billing of other accurate usage data. It is an estimate, calculated by JFrog for your convenience based on an assumption based calculation that may be updated from time to time.

  • Knowledge Center

    Knowledge Center widget allows you to quickly get help regarding JFrog products without leaving MyJFrog. The widget searches the JFrog Help Center, that consolidates information across product documentation and knowledge base.

  • Health Status Today

    Health Status Today widget shows the health status of the provider that hosts your JPD and the health of your services. You can click through and view the health status of the services in the past 60 days.

  • Subscription Details

    Subscription Details widget shows the details of your subscription. You can expand the widget and get detailed information. You can also upgrade your subscription and request for trials on addons.

  • Top Usage by Resource

    Top Usage by Resource lists the top used repositories, projects, and package types till date in the current month.

  • Advanced Security Scans

    Advanced Security Scans lists all security scans in the system till date in the current month.