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The new major versions of the JFrog Platform products are not backward compatible with the previous major versions. Therefore, if you are currently using multiple products in the Platform, you will need to upgrade each of the products you are using.

To upgrade to JFrog Platform product versions, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Review the JFrog Release Information documentation for:JFrog Release Information

    1. Breaking Changes

    2. Deprecated Features

    3. Features not available in the initial JFrog Platform release

    4. REST API Changes

  2. Review the new System Architecture and System Requirements.System ArchitectureSystem Requirements

  3. Plan your upgrade.Upgrade

Before upgrading you should account for:

  1. The health check endpoint will need to be changedLoad Balancer

  2. The reverse proxy configuration will need to be updatedHTTP Settings

  3. If you are using a single Xray to handle multiple Artifactory instances, you will need to move to a 1:1 set up before upgrading.

  4. If you are using a single Distribution to distribute from multiple source Artifactory instances, you will need to move to a 1:1 set up.