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The JFrog Platform provides standardized logs for all JFrog products and their services. JFrog Cloud Log Streaming is a near-real time log streaming service that allows streaming of eligible logs from customers JFrog Cloud instance. The service is capable of streaming logs to Splunk and Datadog.

The service is similar to an integration that helps customers seamlessly process and analyze their log data from their JFrog Cloud instance. The JFrog Cloud Log Streamer has built-in support for the latest log analytics features from Splunk and Datadog.

You can only stream logs to one service at a time.


JFrog Cloud Log Streaming is currently in Beta and only select customers on JFrog Enterprise+ subscription tier and belonging to eligible regions are allowed to onboard.

Know Before You Use

  • JFrog Cloud Log Streaming is included with JFrog Cloud Enterprise+ subscription for no extra charge.

  • Log bytes streamed out will count towards customers’ cloud transfer usage.

  • Storage cost may be charged by the log vendor for storing and analyzing logs.

  • Logs are streamed only from the mothership JPD instance. Logs are not streamed from edge nodes or other platform nodes.

System Requirements

  • Available only for Datadog and Splunk

  • Requires an HEC token for Splunk and an active API key for Datadog

The following section provide information on how to use JFrog Cloud Log streaming.