Set Geolocation Restrictions

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This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform, with an Enterprise+ license.

The Geolocation Restrictions feature enables ENTERPRISE+ subscriptions to allow or block access to a JPD from specific countries.


Before using geolocation restrictions to block a country, verify that you do not have any active JPDs in that location.

To set geolocation restrictions:

  1. Go to Security >Geolocation Restrictions.

  2. To block access from certain countries, in the Allowed Countries list, select the countries you wish to block access from and click the right-pointing arrow > between the lists to move them to the Blocked Countries list.

  3. To remove a country from the Blocked Countries list, select the country and click the left-pointing arrow <.

  4. To select all countries, check the Select All checkbox above the list.

  5. When done, click Update to save your changes.


    It will take a few minutes for your changes to apply.