Set up Azure PrivateLinks

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Subscription Information

This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform, with an Enterprise X or Enterprise+ license.

To help JFrog customers who wish to reduce the security risks associated with exposing their JFrog Cloud instances via the public Internet, JFrog enables you to set up an Azure PrivateLink connection.

This enables establishing a secure network connection–originating from your own cloud environment (Azure VNet), to your JFrog Cloud (SaaS) instance – without traversing the traffic via the public Internet. Instead, the traffic traverses within the Azure backbone.


To set up your PrivateLink connection, you will need to have a Microsoft Azure customer account.


It is possible to set up privatelink connection accross different Azure regions. For a full list, see Step 1: Create the Endpoint in Azure

Get Started

You are about to set up an Azure PrivateLink connection, in which the source is your own Azure VNet) and the target is the JFrog PrivateLink Service.

In this procedure, we will guide you through the steps of setting up the Azure PrivateLink. Once you establish the connection, you will be able to connect from your VNet to your JFrog instance via the Azure backbone (i.e., without going through the public Internet).


This option is currently available for Enterprise X and Enterprise+ subscriptions only.


Setup Process

The process of setting up an Azure PrivateLink connection is split between Azure and JFrog. These are the high-level steps you will need to complete for this procedure.

Before You Get Started

If you want to use your own custom domain to access your JFrog Platform instance (e.g.,, but have not yet set one up, do so now before beginning the process detailed below. Contact JFrog support to set up this configuration for you.