March 2022

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Artifactory as Your Symbol Server

Cloud customers can now benefit from the following advanced Symbol Server features:

  • Publishing while indexing your Symbol packages to Artifactory from your NuGet Client v3 together with your NuGet packages or as separate Symbol packages

  • Resolving Symbol files (.pdb) from virtual and local repositories in the JFrog Platform

  • Resolving Symbol files from remote proxies. For example,

  • Debugging the Symbol files hosted on Artifactory using the Visual Studio debugger tool.

Build-Info Repositories can be Shared Across Federated Repositories

The Federated repository feature has been expanded to support adding Build-Info repositories as federated members within a Federation using a dedicated Convert Build-Info Repository to a Federated Repository command .

Security & Compliance

Components Physical Path

Xray now displays the physical path (location) of a vulnerable component in an artifact. This information is displayed in the impact path graph within the CVE export formats of Xray scans, and in the Violations and Vulnerabilities Xray Reports.

Exclude Violations with No Available Fixed Version

Introducing a new capability in Xray Policies, whereby you can set a policy rule to not generate violations for security issues that do not contain a fixed version. This new capability will help you improve your security workflow in enabling you to exclude violations at the Policy level, by not failing builds for issues that do not contain a fixed version. Whenever a fixed version is available, the violation will be generated.


Rootless Docker Support

Pipelines now supports rootless docker for Ubuntu18/20 build nodes (AWS/GCP - Ubuntu 18/20, Azure - Ubuntu 20, Static nodes - Ubuntu 18/20). Rootless docker helps prevent providing the Docker container root access.

HelmDeployNative Step Enhancement

The HelmDeploy native step now allows both HelmChart and GitRepo as input resources at the same time.

Run Variables as Build Parameters

This enhancement enables run variables to be used in variable placeholders in the build parameters of a Jenkins step.