Configure the IP/CIDR Allowlist

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This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform, with an Enterprise X or Enterprise+ license.

An IP/CIDR allowlist is used to provide access to selected IP addresses and programs that your network server policy could typically block. This feature is available to ENTERPRISE and ENTERPRISE+ subscriptions.

  1. In the Security tab, go to IP/CIDR Allowlist.

    • To add an IP/CIDR address to the allowlist, click + Add Address and enter the address.

    • To remove an address, click the minus sign (-) to the right of the address.

    • To remove all IP/CIDR addresses, click Remove All.

  2. To save your changes, click Update.

    The status will change to In progress and it will take a few minutes for your update to be applied.

To manage your account's IP allowlist in bulk, you will need to generate a token for MyJFrog, and then to use the MyJFrog Portal REST APIs to configure the allowlist.MyJFrog Portal REST APIs