September 2023

JFrog Hosting Models Documentation

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User Guide
DevOps (Artifactory, Distribution)



Support for Hugging Face ML Repositories

JFrog now supports local and remote Hugging Face repositories, allowing you to use Artifactory to house ML models alongside your other software components and Xray to detect malicious models and enforce license compliance. Create a single system of record for ML models that brings ML/AI development in line with your existing SSC. For more information, see Hugging Face Repositories.Hugging Face Repositories

Support for Docker Project ID Field for Remote Repositories

Artifactory now supports populating the Project ID field for remote repositories through the JFrog Platform WebUI, enabling users to utilize private Docker repositories.

Support for PostgreSQL 14 and 15

Artifactory is now certified to work with PostgreSQL 14 and 15 database.




Xray Scanning of Release Bundles v2

JFrog Xray can now scan Release Bundles v2 for potential vulnerabilities and security risks. Security administrators can create policies that block the promotion and distribution of Release Bundles flagged by Xray, as required.