Artifactory Vs. Nexus The Integration Matrix

Are you stuck with your vendor stack ?!

The up-to-date community-driven feature comparison between Artifactory and Nexus can be found here.

The evolution of Continuous Integration, build tools and build servers in the past years has been very impressive. The amount of projects (open source, or not) and tools that were launched and later adopted by the community (Maven, Gradle, Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity, Bamboo, and more…) shows that this is the future of software development and this is how people will build and package their applications.
One of the greatest advantages, especially in the Java world, is that development teams have the freedom to choose and build modular environments by integrating the tools that they like, need and that were adopted by their organization.

This is why our users build their projects using Maven, TeamCity, Ivy, Hudson, Gradle, Bamboo and recently Jenkins ;). Bottom line is, you should not be concerned about the ability of the tools  to integrate while designing your CI stack! 
BUT, things are changing. Now even more with the fork of Hudson CI (currently owned by Oracle), Artifactory has come to be the only Binary Repository Manager that gives you the real freedom to choose!We are not presenting ourselves as a community “rescuer” under the open source hood, or try to take ownership over successful projects that were developed by the community (such as Maven or Hudson); we are developing Artifactory in a way that gives our users the ability to work with their tools and technologies of choice within the build ecosystem.During the past year, JFrog’s team has been developing for the Artifactory users a number of open source plug-ins that are tightly integrated with the world’s leading tools and vendors.The following comparison tables are more than just a list of features – it is what we envision when we think about the software development tooling, and how we ensure that our users keep their freedom of choice:Build tools integration
Build servers integration
Some features are part of the pro versions of Artifactory and Nexus.
Now, it’s easy to say “We will provide you with one full stack”, but isn’t that like saying “We know better what’s good for you”? Is it preferable over giving you the freedom to choose?!