Make DevOps Cloud Nimble for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid

For the modern enterprise, cloud computing is now the default model for applications, storage, and compute. As the range of providers and services expand, organizations recognize that the cloud is the key to business modernization.

Cloud transformation has accelerated with the rise of remote work, as businesses decentralize their operations. Organizations have found the benefits of using the cloud to innovate fast and to make bold digital bets at minimum cost and risk while being able to scale on demand. The modern enterprise is now cloud-enabled, software-driven, and  virtual.

Leading enterprises increasingly rely on hybrid and multi-cloud architectures to speed innovation, stay best-in-class, and reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. Cloud native solutions were only the start; forward-looking DevOps engineers must now seek solutions that are cloud nimble, enabling flexibility and operating consistency without trade-offs across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Operate Critical Workloads Seamlessly Across Multiple Domains

Any Cloud, Public or Private

The cloud native JFrog Platform provides the same market-leading feature set for DevOps success everywhere. Whether as a SaaS subscription in the cloud provider of your choice, or in your own self-managed cloud clusters, the JFrog Platform enables consistent best practice and flexible consumption models in all cloud environments such as EKS, AKS, Anthos, or OpenShift.

Scale and Certainty with Multi-Cloud

With the JFrog Platform in multiple cloud domains, readily interoperate your SDLC between them. Match clouds to best-in-class services for given tasks, allocate different workloads to the lowest-cost provider, or shift workloads for load balancing on demand.

Through a multi-cloud strategy, you can massively distribute to many endpoints, and maintain redundancy to help ensure five nines availability.

Hybrid DevOps for Security and Flexibility

Combine on-premises  servers behind a firewall with a managed service in the cloud for a hybrid strategy. Employ the scalability of the cloud for dynamic workloads, while keeping sensitive workloads within your secure data center to  meet security and/or regulatory requirements.

JFrog’s multi-site capabilities empower environments to share binaries and metadata across regions and clouds.

Adapt To Change Without Losing Balance Or Speed

Maintain a Consistent Security Posture

Protect your software supply chain through Artifactory’s fine-grained permissions and operate with consistent monitoring, reporting, and remediation of vulnerabilities and compliance scanning across multiple cloud domains.

Same Feature Set Everywhere

Interoperate across clouds with a consistent operating model through the same market-leading feature set that enables DevOps success.

Distribute Across Best-in-Class Services

Choose best-fit cloud providers for different segments of your SDLC while maintaining governance of packages and binaries within a secure, single circle of trust.

Multi-Domain Automation

With repository replication, federation, or JFrog APIs, securely deliver binaries and release payloads from one cloud environment to another.

Transparent Cloud Migration

Maintain operational continuity even after migrating Gigabytes or Terabytes of accumulated packages, builds, and metadata from one JFrog Platform instance to another in the cloud.

Choose Your Cloud For SaaS

Host a JFrog Platform account on any or each of the major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, or Azure), for data proximity to the cloud ecosystems your teams use.


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